1st District Legislative Update

First District Legislative Update – January 17, 2018

This was an important week for the First District and all of Cook County!

At the Board meeting today the Board unanimously passed a good government ordinance I was the chief sponsor of that would require separately elected officials and department heads to either respond to the Inspector General’s recommendations. If they fail to, they must appear before the Board to explain themselves. In the last year or so, it became clear the Inspector General would investigate and issue his report, but those officials had failed to respond to him.

We also unanimously passed contracts with the Teamsters that were good deals for the county taxpayers! Also, they are a great deal for the working class families who are members of the Teamsters. I also co-sponsored a prevailing wage and apprentice ordinance that was sent to committee.

Just as important, the Board approved $100,000 to the Park District of Forest Park for a walking/bike path and $170,000 to the village of Broadview for transportation improvements on 25th Avenue. Finally, I introduced several pieces of legislation that will be heard at future meetings. The first would help certified blind vendors do business with the county, saving them money and creating jobs. The Board also held a hearing on a resolution I sponsored to address the Health System’s $426 million in accounts receivable. I also introduced an ordinance requiring county agencies to report quarterly the actual costs of gun violence.

These legislative priorities reflect the values of the community I represent, and I’m proud to be actively involved!

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